Top 5 Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

Odds are if you’re reading this then you’ve already tried out various methods of losing weight and realized it’s much harder than you thought, and can cost you a great deal of money overtime. There is an alternative way that has proven to be healthy while giving you positive results for both the long term and short term.

Appetite suppressants help you lose weight and keep it off by helping control how much, and how often you eat. There’s no denying that obesity is one of the biggest health concerns in the world, and the faster you control your intake the healthier you’ll be and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your personal view on yourself. Finding the perfect suppressants that meet your need while making sure you remain healthy with little to no side effects can be quite difficult, but we’ve made your buying decision as easy as can be.

The following review details the Top 5 Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss  giving you all the reasons why and giving you no excuse to lose weight now.

1. NatureWise CLA 1250, Highest Potency Non-GMO Exercise Enhancement Supplement – 10.0

This enhancement exercise supplement from NatureWise has been proven effective which has helped make it a #1 fat burner supplement on The NatureWise CLA 1250 works the best in conjunction with avid exercise and a balanced diet giving you results such as a reduction in body mass. A certified source of 80% standardized CLA, this supplement contains only 80% CLA from 100% non-GMO safflower oil.

All NatureWise supplements including this one are all third party tested which is not a requirement by the FDA, but shows the testament to their own product. Not many manufacturers out there are willing to put themselves out there, but NatureWise stands behind all of their products making them one of the most trusted name in health supplements. By helping to stimulate the body’s natural response to breakdown stored body fat, helping block fatty cells from growing, while also decreasing the number of current fat cells, you’ll see a noticeable difference.


  • Derived from non-GMO safflower oil
  • Standardized to high-potency 80%
  • Made in the US
  • 1,000 mg of active CLA per softgel

2. Garcinia Cambogia 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength All Natural Appetite Suppressant – 10.0

This all natural appetite suppressant helps stimulate the body’s natural response to crave food, therefore, limiting the amount of intake per eating and times of day when hungry. This natural suppressant is made with 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract and is the only brand on the market that is 60% HCA guaranteed.

This powerful appetite suppressant not only minimizes the urge to eat, but also breaks down fatty cells and blocks the formation of fat cells. Other noticeable differences which you’re likely to see are increased serotonin to the brain, stabilizes mood, and is specifically designed for maximum absorption for best results.

3. Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant Diet Pill System for Fast Weight Loss – 9.9

Atrafen by Nutratech is a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner that helps control your eating cravings while also breaking down and inhibiting fat cell formation. Specifically designed to limit cravings and minimize stress associated with feeling the urge to eat which ultimately helps you decrease the amount of food desired, and the amount of times per day for intake.

Atrafen is filed with scientifically proven herbs and ingredients that stimulate weight loss by burning fat and increasing metabolism. Users have seen a significant improvement in weight loss, memory function, focus, better modes, clarity, and energy, and the best part is there’s no jitters.

4. NatureWise Clinically Proven Super CitriMax Garcinia Cambogia with 4x Greater Fat Burning & Weight Loss Plus Appetite Control – 9.8

This Super CitriMax Garcinia Cambogia is clinically proven to have all natural herbs and ingredients which help to suppress the urge to eat and lose weight fast. With up to 4 times more fat burning properties than other products which gives you a higher degree of success for burning fat and decreasing the likelihood of fat cells to accumulate.

Four randomized studies have all proven to be effective with losing weight and have all given better results to traditional exercise and diet alone. Third party tested to be non-stimulating and safe at the same time which absorbs much faster than other leading products with the Garcinia Cambogia which is bound to potassium and calcium.

5. Trimthin® X700 Hyper-Thermogenic Fat Burner with Maximum Appetite Suppression – Extreme Energy & Weight Loss – 9.6

Taking up the 5th spot in this review is another high quality, and very affordable weight loss supplement which acts as an appetite suppressant and fat burner in-one. Made from 100% natural, clinical proven ingredients and herbs which have been trial tested to lose weight and decrease the urge to eat. This extreme energy and weight loss supplement increases metabolism giving you more energy to peak performance levels.

The Trimthin X700 is a pharmaceutical grade hyper-thermogenic supplement that works best when used in conjunction with conventional dieting and exercise. Eating less, working out more and watching what you eat all-together will burn the fat off and keep it off which will help you reach your weight loss goals once and for all.

Feel free to share your experiences with any of the above or if you have any questions pertaining to the best appetite suppressants above which were specifically designed for safe, weight loss, be sure to drop us a comment below.