Protect your Basketball with Perfect basketball Storage Rack?

Basketball is one of the most exciting and healthy games only if you know the rules to play well. We bet most basketball players have a number of balls in their court and maintaining these balls could be a task if you don’t have a proper rack to keep them. A basketball court that has disorganized accessories and tools may make it look horrible. A basketball rack is one of the essentials parts of the court and the equipment is a must for every basketball lover to show that perfectly inflated basketball in pristine condition.

Having a sturdy and good quality basketball rack makes sure that the balls are kept intact and will support you in the game for long. You can surely buy the rack from the store as there are plentiful of options available in the market. However, it’s an achievement to make a basketball rack on your own. The DIY ideas are anyway working to a great extent and in this small guide, we shall explain you the same on how you can make a basketball all by yourself.

How to make a perfect basketball rack?

It isn’t as difficult as you think; once you gather the things you need to prepare the basketball rack, you would know it all. Preparing a customized basketball rack is pretty simple if you have the following things, and you can purchase basketball storage rack online on and protect your basketball ball.

1. 40 PVC pipe about 1 inch diameter from inside.

2. PVC T-Connectors to connect the pipes that are 1 inch and 4 ways.

3. You would also need four units of 3 way elbow PVC connectors.

4. Get four units of PVC-T connector (1 Inch).

5. Get four PVC caps of 1 inch.

6. Get a hacksaw or PVR cutters.

7. Get a pipe glue to fix the other accessories.

Download the tutorial from the web and follow the pictures to connect these with the pipes respectively.

While preparing the basketball rack by yourself, remember few key points that will come handy for you;

1. Always use a 4 way connector to connect the extra tier. This will prevent you from the height constraints of the rack.

2. Ensure that the depth of the rack is of at least 8 inches. It is because the standard size of a NBA basketball is about 9.4 to 9.5 inches in diameter. Per section can hold up to four basketballs at a stretch.

3. Always keep the balls in the right order as it becomes easy and convenient for you to find the right ball in time.

4. Do not use too much glue to the rack as that may further cause discomfort to your skin and also cause irritable eyes.

Once you have the pictures of how to attach the parts mentioned in this article, you would be able to easily find the balls whenever you are ready to play including at home on your portable basketball hoop. A basketball rack is one of the most essential tools for the right players as they don’t need someone’s support to hold the balls for them during the game. Hold all the basketballs at once in the rack and play stress-free.

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