Massage Therapy for Back Pain

If you experience back pain a lot of the time, then you’re not alone – there are millions of people who experience all kinds of different symptoms as a result of back issues.

No matter what the cause of their discomfort, back discomfort can be anxiety-inducing and can often have a serious impact on everyday life. If you have back pain issues, then you might want to look into something like massage therapy to help manage it. Let’s talk about massage therapy in relation to back issues, and why it’s an excellent alternative to more invasive options, like surgery.

1. Increases the Right Chemicals

Our bodies produce a lot of the right chemicals that are responsible for making us feel good a lot of the time. However, when we’re in pain, we won’t be getting as many of these chemicals. Massage therapy uses specific techniques like myotherapy and acupressure that are both well known for being able to increase levels of chemicals in the body that we need for healing and happiness, like endorphins. Not only will you feel better as a result, but you’ll also heal faster, which is what you need if this is an ongoing issue.

2. Alleviates Tension

A lot of the time, if your back pain is related to muscle issues, you’ll experience a lot of tension. With most muscle injuries and issues, a lack of mobility comes along with it, and when you try to move it, you experience pain and discomfort. Massage therapy can promote the relaxation of essential muscle groups in the back, which is why it’s associated with a reduction in pain, as well as an increase in flexibility. One of the most frustrating things about back pain is that it restricts your movement, which is why massage therapy can be so helpful.

3. Using a Handheld Massage Device

If you don’t have the time always to be visiting your massage therapist, and you want to be able to manage your back pain at home with massage therapy, recommend’s a handheld massage device that you can apply to the affected area yourself. When you use a handheld massage device on your back, you can easily access the tough spots that need relief, and give yourself a deep tissue massage. This can get right down to where the problem is originating from, and make a real difference to your day to day.

4. Consider Using a Foot Massage Device

A lot of the time, when it comes to back pain, there’s more than one way to treat it, just like there’s probably more than one cause. The answer to managing your back pain isn’t just all in the affected area; our body is interconnected in many ways, which is where reflexology comes in. There are parts of the foot that are connected to back issues, so you might want to try a foot massage device. If you concentrate on the pressure points in the arch of your foot, you might be able to bring some relief to your back pain this way.


As you can see, there are many different ways that massage therapy can help with back pain, just like there are many different causes of back pain. One of the most important things to do is to talk to your massage therapist and see if they can’t find the root cause. Once they’ve done this, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out the right approach when it comes to managing the pain. Any one of the techniques above can be effective at getting you through your back pain issues.

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