Gutter Cleaners in Melbourne VIC

Years of unattended gutters can cause numerous problems with your home, and can even deteriorate the quality and structure of it. Over time, debris like leaves, tree seeds, small birds, small animals, and even grass can get into your gutters, causing you to have clogged gutters and gutter downspouts that seem to be pouring over.

The result can be devastating, from siding damage, wall leaks, all the way to roof damage and even mold. Cleaning gutters can be a daunting task if you’re not one to be savvy to climbing up a 30 to 40-foot ladder just to clean out your gutters, let alone dangerous. That’s why you should hire a professional team of gutter cleaners. But how do you do it? Well, we’ll tell you.

Ask for Credentials

When you’re asking for these specific credentials, while gutter cleaners aren’t always completely licensed contractors, but they do need to have the general certifications and insurance that are required to not only protect themselves in the suit of danger, but also you from being liable for any slips, trips, falls, or mishaps to equipment (or even your home). Make sure that you ask for this information, and ask if the gutter cleaning company you hire has a professional license. If they don’t, don’t necessarily run away, but ask to see proof of other documentation.

Portfolios Matter

The best gutter cleaning services have had to deal with numerous custom gutters, fixtures, and other settings which make them a cut above the rest. They also take pictures – both before, as well as after – to make sure that you see that they do a quality job and can completely clean the gutters for their clients. Ask to see a portfolio, check online and look for reviews, and don’t hesitate to ask around your neighborhood for honest opinions about the service in question. And don’t forget to get references, and ask for a couple of the most recent project clients’ contact info for a true opinion.

Find Reasonable Prices

Keep in mind that there is a fine line beyond reasonable prices and a “steal”. When you find something that sounds too good to be true, it often is. However, if the company is slightly lower than the normal average for gutter cleaning service in your area, then you may want to consider them as a possible contract. You’ll want to make sure they have plenty of experience, and that they aren’t just going to give you what you pay for. Also, keep in mind that the longer a contractor is in business, the more they tend to charge.


Gutter Wiz Melbourne offers special over-the-top gutter cleaning with professional vacuum services on the highest levels of safety, so you don’t have to worry about the time and stress of cleaning your windows, pressure wash, cleaning your solar panels (as Melbourne has many homes with them), and of course gutter cleaning which gives you an exceptional result at the cost of quality and a good value. They’ve been serving the Melbourne area for years and have an excellent portfolio on their website if you should want to see some of their services in action.