Greatest Apps for Tracking Your Team Productivity

Back in the day, tracking team productivity was a real hassle because everything needed to be manually entered into a ledger or a computer database. Today, there are productivity tracker apps that handle the wide majority of the heavy lifting for you. It’s just a matter of setting it up and letting the app do the work to provide information about your results and the results of your team members.

As you can imagine, app developers are all over productivity at this point. So there are a ton of different apps available to try and many of the latest productivity trackers can be overwhelming to sift through. So instead of diving in headfirst and trying out app after app, we recommend looking at our recommendations because we’ve already tested some of the best productivity trackers on the market today.  You should also consider options for asset management and maintenance software as well.  Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on a cloud DaaS Windows Desktop can be a good handy software for asset management as it provides an option for tracking productivity by integrating with TSheets. Microsoft Intune is another good corporate product that comes along with Microsoft EMS to help organizations manage the mobile devices employees use to access corporate data and applications, such as email etc.

With that said, we will now take a look at our favorite team productivity tracking apps below. Use the suggestions to pinpoint the perfect app for you and your team.


This is a very popular app at the moment for a number of reasons. But most of all, people really tend to enjoy using this one because it’s really easy to use.

Simply click a button and a timer will begin. That’s relatively easy enough to do, right? Now, instead of fiddling around with the app and trying to figure it out, it’s already going and you can spend time working on getting things done.

It has flexible reporting and other integrations that allow you to use it with other apps. It only costs nine dollars per month and they are currently offering a 30 day free trial, so it’s definitely worth checking out to see if you’ll like this one.


This is a different type of team productivity tracking app. The app at is amazing for business owners, managers, and the payroll departments because it tracks employee hours and gives them the ability to “clock in” to start and “clock out” when their workday is done.

As a business owner using this app, you’ll cut down on labor costs because you know when your employees finish work and when they begin. The payroll functions are completely automated so you can generate payroll reports very quickly by making a couple of clicks.

Best of all, it’s easy to monitor remote employees. You’ll know what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and when they are working on the web in real time. And it helps keep your employees honest because the app tracks who clocked in from where and at what time, so buddy clocking is completely eliminated.


For many people, RescueTime is a critical app because it tracks productivity very efficiently and it also helps you determine where you can improve. Because many of us have a tendency of wasting time online by scrolling through social media feeds on our handheld mobile devices, or watching YouTube videos on our desktop PCs.

Guess what? This app runs in the background of your mobile device or computer and it tracks your every movement on the web. It lets you know what websites you visited and how much time you spent on them and it will provide you with a report to show you exactly where you spend your time online during the day.

As you can imagine, having this information at your fingertips is very valuable. It will help you tweak your routine so you can become much more productive from now on. And if you install the app on devices for your team members, they can also track their productivity too and everyone can compare notes.

Final Thoughts

Clearly team productivity time tracking is more popular than ever.  If you’re looking for the best apps to track said productivity, you should definitely try the recommendations we’ve shared with you today.