Great Arts and Crafts Kits for Any Age

Art is one of the fundamental ways for a person to express himself and to show his creative side, no matter the age. Art is for everybody’s appreciation too, and for those who express interest to test their creative waters have a chance to become artists themselves. That’s because there is a wide range of art materials to choose from, from various types of common media (watercolor, pastel, etc.) to ingenious (and practical) crafting kits in cute packages.

Doing arts and crafts is an excellent alternative to your kids’ excessive screen time, and also good idea to while away those dreary days that have them stuck inside. Arts and crafts offer the opportunity to do art and crafts at home with fun and activities for kids of all ages.

Arts and crafts tap your children’s potential creative talents, broaden their imagination, and make them feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Help your child cultivate these values and love for art and creation by considering the following arts and crafts suggestions below:

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Jar Melo Washable Crayons -24 Colors; Non Toxic; 3 In 1 Effect (Crayon- Pastel- Watercolor); Slick; Twistables Gel Crayons; Barrel Crayons; Art Tools; Silky Crayons; Jumbo
Fat Brain Toys Jixelz 700 pc Set - Fantasy Friends
Tech Will Save Us, Electro Dough Kit | Educational STEM Toy, Ages 4 and Up
Prismacolor Colored Pencils Box of 150 Assorted Colors, Triangular Scholar Pencil Eraser and Premier Sharpener (1800059+VE99016+1774265)
Prismacolor 27049 Premier NuPastel Firm Pastel Color Sticks, 24-Count


1) Jar Melo Washable Crayons

Jar Melo Washable Crayons are perfect gifts, especially for little children who want to show their uninhibitedly creative side. They will love how smoothly the crayons glide onto the paper. They are non-toxic, too, so they’re also great for face-painting at parties! These crayons are multi-functional because they can also become pastel and watercolor by adding a little water, making them quite versatile for drawing or painting. They have a rotatable body, just like how a lipstick works, so no need for sharpening, which could have led to unnecessary waste. These crayons are also easy to wash and clean, so less headache for adults in erasing crayon marks.

2) Fat Brain Toys Jixels

Old-school carton jigsaw puzzles will always be enjoyable toys to pass the time and knock your brains out. But it’s now the 21st century, so there’s a modern twist on this classic pastime. Fat Brain Toys offers the “Jixels” which is a portmanteau of “jigsaw” and “pixels” because of the jigsaw puzzles’ unique and eye-catching pixelated designs. Each set contains hundreds of vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw puzzles, and comes with an instruction for the users to complete fun and colorful designs! This is the toy that will enhance anyone’s creativity and even challenge their cognitive skills and emotional skills. Perfect for kids and the kids at heart!

3) Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Tech Will Save Us is a company known for its ingenious and educational arts-and-crafts and science kits made especially for school-age children. Want to introduce your kid to two completely different disciplines? This kit is a helpful and fun introduction to art and STEM at the same time! Kids create and build their own fun dough art as their imagination limits them. At the same time, they can also make their dough masterpieces light up and buzz by learning the basic hands-on lessons on electricity and circuits. By shaping your children’s artistic talents, feeding their curiosity, and sharpening their cognitive and analytical skills, this kit guarantees hours of learning and fun!

4) Premier Prismacolors Colored Pencils

When your child has graduated from using crayons, perhaps it’s time to invest in a good-quality set of colored pencils. Premier Prismacolors is the trusted name when it comes to coloring media. These premium colored pencils are made to last, giving more fun art time for the kids. While you’re at it, you might as well go for this comprehensive set, which includes 150 assorted colors and shades! These pencils can also make a good gift for a 13 year old girl.

5) Premier Prismacolors Oil Pastel

If your child is growing tired of crayons or colored pencils, it’s a good idea to present them with a great set of oil pastels from Premier Prismacolors. It offers kids the ability to mix and blend vibrant colors  with smooth and velvety strokes. These oil pastels are more durable than regular pastels and can be used wet or dry for varying effects.

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Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set, 16 Assorted Colors, Refillable, Includes Brush (16000)
Kiss Naturals Soap Making Kit - DIY for Kids Crafts Kit - 100% Natural and Organic Spa Soaps for Kids - STEM Creative Kit
Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars by Horizon Group Usa, DIY Wood Craft Kit, Easy To Assemble & Paint 3 Race Cars, Multicolored
4M Easy-to-do Knitting Art Kit
Just My Style ABC Beads by Horizon Group Usa, 1000+ Charms & Beads, Alphabet Charms, Accent Beads, Seed Beads, Star Beads, Wax Beading Cord, Satin Cord & Key Ring Included, Bright


6) Prang Oval 16-Pan Watercolor Paint Set

Is your child ready to hold a paintbrush? Then the Prang Oval 16-Pan Watercolor Paint Set makes for an excellent introduction to the actual painting. This fantastic set comes with a brush and a mixing tray. Its refillable color pan is particularly an ingenious feature, which allows for replenishing pigments once they run out without repurchasing a new set.

7) Kiss Naturals Premium DIY Soap Making Kit for Kids

Great for both boys and girls, this kit ingeniously combines art and science (because of the ingredients in making soap),  And, perhaps, it may help in tapping their entrepreneurial potential (they may sell these soaps if they wish!). The ingredients in making these soaps are safe for kids – no parabens, artificial dyes or any other caustic chemicals, only the finest natural ingredients. They are non-toxic, and therefore kids may eat them, although they won’t find them tasty!

This kit is a great toy for any occasion – kids may play it alone, or with their playmates. It is also ideal for birthday parties and holidays.

8) Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

If your child has a taste for cars, this kit from Made By Me can further foster their love for automobiles, and also encourage their artistic talents. Each set consists of 42 pre-sanded separate parts of three wooden cars. Kids assemble these parts to make complete cars and then paint them in any color and style they wish. The set also includes two paintbrushes, sandpaper, three small containers of glue, twelve small containers of acrylic paint, and an instruction booklet.

9) 4M Easy-to-Do Knitting Art

A lot of people see knitting as a dying art, and they may be right. That is why companies like 4M try to keep the enthusiasm alive towards traditional handworks, such as knitting, to the younger generation. Their product, the Easy-to-Do Knitting Art Kit, teaches your kids the art of knitting. True to its word, this kit has easy-to-follow instructions, and it will get your child hooked (pun intended) into this traditional hobby. It will eventually encourage them to seriously continue with knitting by making their own personalized knitted items such as gloves, handbag, dolls and bonnets. The beauty of this kit is that children may use their own knitted creations, or give them as gifts. Isn’t it something when you receive lovely gifts that your children have created by themselves?

This kit also encourages your child’s interest in making clothes and accessories. Who knows, he or she might be a fashion designer in the future? By then, they might be ready to advance to making clothes with computerized sewing machines.

10) Just My Style ABC Beads

Why bother buying off-the-rack fancy kids jewelry when you can have your little ones to make them by themselves? This kit is a great introduction to jewelry-making for the kids. Each set includes over a thousand eye-catching and colorful beads and charms, including alphabet and accent ones. Kids will make bracelets with their own names (or names of their best buddies) on them, or make unique jewelry pieces of dazzling colors. This kit is a great way to explore your child’s creativity and penchant for fashion.