Top 5 TV Child Stars of the 90s

Young Leonardo Dicaprio

Child actors have been around for as long as acting itself. Kids are needed to film family scenes, class-room settings, shots of parks and beaches, and then there are some films and shows that revolve around the child leads. With the rise of digital media, the film industry has prospered, and so … Read more

Top Five TV Dads of all Time

Top Five TV Dads of all Time

Introduction The role of Dads is of great importance not only in our real lives but also on the TV screen. The vital role of Dad depicts responsibility, care and guidance. Dads are important for mental as well as physical being of a child irrespective of their gender. In popular Television series … Read more

Top 5 Female Models of the 80s

Brooke Shields

The 80s were undoubtedly one of the golden ages of modeling. From the stunning Iman, who happened to be an expert in five different languages, to the model princess Brooke Shields, the youngest model ever (14 y/o) to make an appearance on the cover of Vogue, it seemed like every beauty around … Read more

Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, New Zealand

There are a lot of amazing places in this world which are worth seeing. One of those mesmerizing places is New Zealand, comprised of two islands namely North Island and South Island. It is a matter of great wonder how a small country like New Zealand has so much to offer as … Read more

Top 5 Craziest Rock Hairstyles of All Time

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Style

Rock stars and rock music history have given us some crazy hairstyles so far, and will probably continue to do so in the future. At times, it was almost like a rock music career required one to get the most eye-catching and jaw-dropping hairstyle possible and then use a lot of hair … Read more

The Best Tech and Cyber Movies of All Time

international space station

Introduction It can be painful to watch a movie that gets something wrong you are very familiar with. That’s probably the reason why people doing certain jobs usually don’t watch movies related to their line of work. Same is true for technology movies. All tech movies are not created equal and the … Read more