5 Anonymous Pranks To Do To Anyone!

Image of a woman with shaved sides, enjoying music on her headphones

Yes, pranking people can indeed be hilarious. But sometimes, some pranks are better done anonymously. Usual pranks and anonymous pranks are almost the same things. Except for the latter, you will need to take extra measures to be more careful. You will need to be more mindful if your pranks are easily … Read more

Make Money on Air with Online Casino

Make Money on Air with Online Casino

There is a saying, money flashes on the air. You just need to know how to see and grab it. Either you can spend years in college with absolutely no guarantee that you will not be left unemployed. Especially in this time of the global pandemic, an economic disaster is awaiting. All … Read more

The Basic Ping Pong Rules That Every Player Should Know

Ping pong is an official sport. Hence, it comes with a myriad of rules and regulations. If you are interested in playing this game, you ought to know each of these rules. After all, you can’t win a match if your serves are always called illegal or if you hit the ball … Read more