10 Best Golf Stand Bags Reviews

Golf Stand Bags

Sports have been there in all cultures and currently in the 21st century sports have become not less than science. With so much technology involved in sports nowadays there is one more thing which has been added and that is sports accessories which have become better. Golf is one of the oldest sports being played in the world and it is the luxury sport as well because you need to buy certain things prior to playing this sport.

One of the most important ingredients of the golf is the golf stand bag which you must have in order to keep your things in it. The golf stand bag has so many pockets in it and it is mostly 10 to 15 inches in height. So we have managed to give the reviews of some of the best golf stand bags hope it will ease the problem of choosing one of the best out of these.

10 of the Best Golf Stand Bags


1. Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

The Callaway 2015 Hyper Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag is the quality golf stand bag which you need while playing. This bag is 9.5 inches in height and it has also got the Ergonomic Molded Handle in it. The xtra traction technology base system and the flex activation give this bag the stability. There are 13 pockets in it and this bag is water proof and not to forget that there is water bottle in that too.

2. OGIO Grom Stand Bag, Carbon

The OGIO Grom stand Bag carbon is one of the finest quality golf bags (the price of this bag is bit high though). The material used in the making of this bag is fabric and the polyester. There is 14 way diamond performance stand top with this bag and handling of the bag has been made quite easy. There is ZBP (zipperless ball pocket in it). Having this bag you will get load equalizing X4 full suspension. This one is really efficient.

3. Wilson 2015 Carry Lite Golf Stand Bag

This is the Wilson 2015 Carry Life Golf Stand Bag and it is available in three different colors. The height of this bag is of 10 inches and the great thing about this bag is that it is really light in weight. The materials used in the making of this bag make it highly durable. There are 5 closed pockets in this bag with 1 valuable pocket as well. There are extra compartments in this bag to give you real facility.

4. Sun Mountain Four 5 Golf Stand Bag

The Sun Mountain Four 5 Golf Stand Bag is the bag which you must have been looking for. It is available in so many different colors and the price of the bag is reasonable too. The top of the bag is of 10.5 inches and it is just great in terms of handling. You will get fourteen compartments in this bag and with integrated lift assist handles. With E-Z grip zipper and the cart friendly bottom this is one of the best bags you will ever find.

5. Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

The Nike Sport Lite Stand Bag the best product of the Nike. You can choose your favorite color out of three available. There is one piece flex base bottom system in this bag in order to give it the maximum contact area with the base. In this bag there is only one webbing weaves which joins double straps to the bag. The material used in the bag is really great and highly durable.

6. Affinity ZLS Stand Bag

The Affinity Stand Black Royal ZLS stand bag is one of the most inexpensive bags available out there. You can have this bag in two different colors. The great thing about this bag is that it has got much more space and there are 6 way top in it with golf ball pocket and not to mention the 2 large garment pockets as well. This bag is really light in weight and truly an efficient one.

7. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Golf Bag

This is Pinemeadow Golf PGX bag and this is actually the quality which you need to have in a golf bag. One of the great things about this bag is that it is made up of the material which is not only light in weight but durable too. This bag has got dual strap and it is really easy to carry while playing. This golf bag is made like to give you an easy way to access all the pockets.

8. Adams Golf Hybrid Stand Bag HY1405

The Adams Golf Hybrid Stand Bag HY1405 is one of the top quality golf bags with a reasonable price. There are five ways top and full length of dividers in this bag and not to forget the padded hip pas has the space in it for the ventilation. There are so many pockets in this bag which makes it really efficient for golf. There is umbrella holder and the penholder also there and it is highly recommended for you.

9. TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag

This one is the Taylor Made Purelite Stand Bag with great quality. This bag is available in multiple colors and you don’t need to worry about the space which you get with this bag which is just sufficient enough to put your things easily into it. There are 5 way top in this with good length dividers. The anti split stand system with 7 pockets and not to forget the umbrella sleeve and the rain hood, this is a complete package.

10. Ping Hoofer Carry Golf Bag

The Ping Hoofer Carry Golf bag is the best quality and highly reliable bag with so many different colors. There is 5 ways reinforced top in this with 2 full length dividers and it is made as easy to access to all the pockets. This is strap slider for the backpack style comfort and this bag is totally water resistant. There are 8 pockets in it and you can access them quite easily. This one is a must-have golf stand bag.


You have to have the golf stand bag if you are serious player in golf and for that you will have to spend around hundred or two hundred bugs for sure. These bags are highly durable and have enough room for your things to carry.

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